Network Doctor consists of dedicated and knowledgeable staff who take great pride in what they do. We can always trust them to provide the most efficient solutions and 24/7 network support. They do an excellent job, are always proactive and offer the most competitive prices.

Jeffrey Davis, General Manager
Columbus Square

Access your programs and data from anywhere in the world.

DID YOU KNOW: Cloud computing allows you to access your desktop from anywhere with Internet access.

Cloud computing, or Internet-based computing, is on the forefront of the technology revolution. Using this leading edge solution, Network Doctor can host your applications or servers in a secure data center on the Internet, and allow you to access your data and desktop functions—at anytime and from anywhere in the world—through a secure web portal. Because you can access your desktop from anywhere you have Internet access, you can manage your team remotely.

Don't become the next victum of a cyber attack

At Network Doctor, our specialists have proven expertise in designing cloud computing solutions. For example, our service Desktopia saves companies like yours thousands of dollars on computer expenses and additional hardware.


"If it's urgent to you it's urgent to us. You shouldn't have to wait – we'll get you help right away."

Mobility in the Workforce

The State of Mobility in the Workplace

Do you face challenges in managing off-site employees? Learn how to lift the restraints off remote workers and increase productivity with a more mobile-friendly workplace.

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