Network Doctor consists of dedicated and knowledgeable staff who take great pride in what they do. We can always trust them to provide the most efficient solutions and 24/7 network support. They do an excellent job, are always proactive and offer the most competitive prices.

Jeffrey Davis, General Manager
Columbus Square

Identify risks before they become an interruption.

DID YOU KNOW: Our network alerting service monitors all your most crucial systems which significantly improves the odds of identifying a threat before it can become a business interruption.

Imagine arriving to work in the morning to discover your system has experienced an outage. To make matters worse, no one has alerted you to the change. For some managed IT services, this is the norm. For Network Doctor, this is unacceptable.

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From servers to email systems, internet connectivity to the fans that cool your servers, all of your most critical network functions are closely monitored by qualified system engineers. Our specialists ensure your network is operating properly and reliably. In the event of a critical issue, steps are taken to resolve matters as quickly as possible to mitigate downtime, and we notify you immediately.


"Avoid the frustration of stopping your work to wait for help. We have the fastest response times in the industry."

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