As a PR agency, our files are our assets. But with Network Doctor, we have a network that is truly bulletproof. If a server crashes, we’re backed up. And if someone accidentally deletes a file, or a contact, we can recover it and not miss a beat. All this while reducing our IT expenses by more than 30 percent.

Allen Cohen, COO
Nike Communications, Inc

License tracking for business continuity.

DID YOU KNOW: We’ll manage and monitor your software and hardware contracts so you can focus on your business. No more worrying about expirations and annoying business interruptions.

For busy business owners and professionals like you, tracking license expirations and hardware warranties can be stressful and time consuming. More critically, an undetected expiration can interrupt business continuity and threaten service to your customers. Not to mention, a system crash after an expired warranty can be financially devastating. 

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At Network Doctor, we’ll carefully track and manage your software and hardware contracts to ensure warranties and licenses are up to date. When renewal dates approach, we’ll contact you with ample time to address the situation. We’ll keep track of your contracts so you can focus on your success.


"We work on your deadlines. Exceeding your standards is our primary objective"

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