Take the pain out of HIPAA compliance working with Network Doctor

Network Doctor & HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance is a part of your process.

While other fields may run into this from time to time, in the healthcare field, you know it is close to all-encompassing. As a result, your IT must include HIPAA compliance.


Compliance is like going to the dentist, nobody wants to do it but ignoring your teeth will have dire consequences. HIPAAHITECH & PCI compliance is now part of the day to day vocabulary for businesses. There is no single solution that will protect your business 100% of the time. The bad guys are trying to get in to your network and steal your confidential information thousands of times a day. Your IT staff and infrastructure need to protect you from the thousands of attacks.

The odds are stacked against you as the bad guys must only succeed ONCE however, we have to stop them every time. Cybersecurity and Compliance measures are put in place to provide a high level of risk mitigation, like an insurance policy.  Recent studies have highlighted the increase in cyber activity even in small towns.

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