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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Top-tier security experts to identify existing security weaknesses

Knowing where your digital strengths and weaknesses lie is vital to protecting yourself against the threat of a cyber-attack. Penetration testing – or pen testing, as it’s also known – is one of the best ways to identify vulnerabilities in your online defenses. It involves simulating a real-world attack on a system, network, or application to expose any areas for improvement. To help your organization improve your cybersecurity posture, our fully managed penetration testing service delivers:

  • Visibility into the vulnerabilities that are most likely to be used by cyber adversaries to infiltrate your organization’s technology, apps, and data
  • Determination if post-exploitation techniques could be used to launch a successful lateral attack across your organization
  • Prioritization of attack surface vulnerabilities
  • Remediation recommendations needed to reduce overall cyber risk exposure

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