The Life-Changing Magic of Securing Your Passwords

We live in a time during which passwords are our life lines. Network Doctor has 6 tips for keeping you afloat.


Don’t reuse passwords. Using the same password for multiple accounts puts them all at risk.


Create a secure password.  Using “password” as your password is neither clever nor secure. It’s always best to use a password that is long, with both capital and lower case letters, as well as a number and a special character. This website is a great resource to checking the security of a password. Or, if you are like me, and don’t have time to think of an insanely long and complex password every time you need to create an account – use a password generator.


Use a password manager. There are pros and cons to using a password manager, but don’t keep your passwords on a sticky note on your desk – use a password manager like LastPass, which includes a built-in password generator.


Two-factor authentication. Most people think two-factor authentication is a two-factor aggravation, but really it’s a two-factor salvation. Enable this when you can, and you will only have to verify unrecognized devices.


Change your passwords frequently. For your most sensitive accounts, remember to change your password every once in a while.


Be wary of phishing attacks. Be alert of any email that requires signing in or changing your password, or leave the worry behind and set up impersonation protection.


Contact your Account Manager for more details on how to set up LastPass, two-factor authentication, and/or impersonation protection.