Why Mimecast Is Our Preferred Email Security Solution

Given the progressively sophisticated nature of targeted cybersecurity threats, Network Doctor offers Mimecast email security to guard against ransomware, impersonation, spear-phishing, and internal email threats. Mimecast provides users with a Secure Email Gateway that enables anti-virus and spam protections which scrutinize all inbound and outbound emails to identify and quarantine malicious messages before they reach the intended recipient’s mailbox. Mimecast Secure Email Gateway features include:


  • URL Protect – provides multistep detection and blocking of harmful URLs on and off the enterprise network (from any device) by rewriting all links contained within inbound emails & attachments as well as performing real-time scanning/inspection across various character sets
  • Attachment Protect – applies multiple analytic techniques to each attachment to filter out malicious files before they reach you inbox
  • Impersonation Protect – scans all inbound messages to protect against phishing attacks seeking to impersonate trusted senders by identifying inconsistencies such as header anomalies
  • Internal Email Protect – enables users to detect and remediate threats that originate from their internal email system (i.e. emails from an unassuming compromised insider, an inattentive employee sending files and/or a malicious employee hoping to damage the company) to prevent them from spreading within the organization and/or to external contacts


What is Phishing?

Phishing is a cyberattack during which a hacker sends an email while disguised as someone else in hopes of the recipient(s) responding with sensitive information (i.e. account/domain credentials & financial details) or downloading malicious files.


Although we understand that you may find the prospect of falling victim to such an attack far-fetched, studies have shown that phishing is by far the most widely utilized and successful method of acquiring confidential information and distributing malware via the Internet.


Why are Phishing attacks successful?

In tandem with the growing popularity of social media, a practice known as spear-phishing has rapidly become more commonplace in recent years. While phishing emails are usually sent en masse with no personalization of the actual message, spear-phishing is far more insidious since the hacker takes the time to carefully craft individualized emails aimed at a specific person or company.


Spear-phishing is harder to detect because the hacker purports to be a trusted contact and will include personal information about the target in their message to establish legitimacy, which is now easily accessible through social media. For example, a user’s company, geographic region, alma mater and more can quickly be gleaned from their LinkedIn profile, and the user’s Instagram/Facebook page can inform prospective attackers of a recent purchase that they can reference to gain trust or the name of a friend or business associate to impersonate.


Supplemental Mimecast Products

Mimecast also offers additional premium features that can be bundled along with the services provided by the Secure Email Gateway for enhanced protection. Said features include (but are not limited to):


  • Content Control & DLP Service – protects your organization from data leakage via email including intellectual property, customer details, and other sensitive information
  • Mailbox Continuity – helps eliminate email downtime by allowing employees to continue sending and receiving messages in the event of an outage of the primary email system
  • Enterprise Information Archiving – provides the secure, perpetual storage and policy management necessary for compliance and employee productivity with the predictable costs and scalability of the cloud



For more information regarding Mimecast products, packages and implementation, please contact your dedicated account manager or send an email to accountmanagers@networkdr.com.