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We’re not just a vendor. We’re your technology partner.

Partnership isn’t just our business objective—it’s a significant part of our history. Network Doctor was created as the result of a longtime friendship between founders Paul Hilbert and David Birk, whose mission together began in high school.


Today, Network Doctor provides advanced IT consulting and rapid-response support services for small to mid-size businesses regionally, nationally and across the globe. Supported by a team of certified IT professionals, we’re committed to building and implementing the most effective infrastructure for your businesses. Our goal is to equip your team with the access and tools they need to boost productivity and position your company as an industry leader.


We firmly believe a relationship built on reciprocal trust ensures mutual success. While other managed service providers troubleshoot systems, resolve problems and make decisions on your behalf behind closed doors, Network Doctor believes in maintaining open, honest and completely transparent communication. Our proactive, consultative approach and commitment to partnership assures your technology solutions will continually exceed your expectations.


Whether your business demands a fully managed IT solution, a project-based service or simply an extra set of hands for your next network upgrade, our team is dedicated to bringing you the industry expertise, technologies and insight you need to exceed your objectives every day.

Resolution time. Speed. Thoroughness. These aren't just buzzwords we just throw around – they are the pillars of our support process.