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Network Doctor is a great company to work for. You're not just an employee but you're part of a team with great leaders!

Peter Mendoza

I am very lucky to work for a company that truly values their employees as individuals and will do everything to help each person reach their goals. I have so much pride in the incredible amount of hard work and detail that each team provides in the company. I love how much I have grown in the last two years. The AM Team I work with and the company's culture are the icings on the cake.


Sama Abbassi

I have been employed at Network Doctor for six and a half years, during this time I had the pleasure to work with many great people and learned lots of technical and non-technical skills. In the beginning, I started as an intern for the helpdesk team. Not long after that, I was hired as a systems engineer. Being part of such a cohesive and efficient support team helped me evolve into a stronger technician. As a result, I was honored to lead the helpdesk team. In the time when I was leading the helpdesk, I had the opportunity to boost my leadership skills and to also enhance my relationship with our clients providing me with strong soft skills. Currently, I'm working on the project team as an Infrastructure Engineer. I really enjoy how I get to collaborate and learn so many new technologies with my colleagues knowing that we are a team. The essence of my exposure to new technology is my favorite part of my role. The morale and continuous support I have always received from Network Doctor have given me the drive to set higher career goals.

Luis Corrales

Network Doctor is a great place to work. Why? There are lots of reasons such as the ability to move not only vertically in your career path but horizontally if you want to try something new, opportunities to constantly learn and train to better yourself, the work and personal life balance, the benefits, working with great client but for me, it's mainly the culture, the staff, the team. They become your family and it makes coming into the office that much more enjoyable each day. If you're team and family-oriented, NDR is the place for you.

Mike Tes

Network Doctor is a company that greatly emphasizes a team-oriented culture. Team culture is consistently present from management all the way down the chain. It’s refreshing to see employers and employees caring for and supporting one another. What I enjoy most about Network Doctor are the relationships I have with my coworkers. I’ve become friends with many of them outside of work. We encourage each other, at times struggle with each other, and oftentimes, laugh with each other. Working with friends is what makes my job so enjoyable. My immediate team is amazing, and I wouldn't choose any other group of guys to work with. Not only is my immediate team amazing, but so are the surrounding teams. I'd like to think of Network Doctor as a thriving ecosystem. The different teams and individuals represent different organisms that balance and help each other grow. Every member has different strengths that benefit the company as a whole; making work fun and efficient. Network Doctor has leaders at all levels who demonstrate adaptability and resilience to help the ecosystem flourish and balance itself in times of turbulence.

Pablo Min

I have not been a part of Network DR for too long but for the 2 months, I've been part of the team everything has been amazing. The company is very well organized and I love how everyone falls into a team. I am still not fully integrated but look forward to helping out more and more.

Leo Rodriguez

Undoubtedly Network Doctor is THE BEST place to work.

Working at Network Doctor I was able to do build a dream home for my family back in India, Not only that I do have a clear vision of my future goals on where would I see myself in the next 5 years.

Jaffer Mohammed

The Account Management team at Network Doctor is one of the main reasons I enjoy my job so much! The team is very helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable. We all have great relationships which provides a "team effort" feel even though we all manage our own accounts; it is nice to know you have the support of your colleagues. The Account Management team inspires me to continue to push myself in learning more about technology, providing excellent service to our clients, and being a team player.

Brooke Henning

The culture is great; NDR cares about our work & personal culture - very hard to find and unique (I've never experienced it at any previous jobs at this level). What I like best? I enjoy the opportunity for autonomy as well as the suggestions/encouragement for improving. My team is great - we get along together very well and share a keen sense of humor. My role is Director of Client Management, typical days include providing support to the AM team as well as speaking with prospective clients. My favorite part of the role is helping the other AMs solve difficult situations.

Daniel Schwartz

Working at Network Doctor is a great pleasure and a privilege. I am surrounded by a diverse team; all intelligent and friendly people, who are upbeat and genuine. This is exactly the working environment in which we are able to develop and make a difference. Whenever there's an opportunity or challenge our way, everybody jumps right in to help!

Julia Furst

I started at Network Doctor 8 years ago, as an onsite technician. As I moved back into the office setting, I really began to expand my knowledge and expertise by integrating into a larger client base with diverse infrastructures. Network Doctor has enabled me to build a strong foundation on which I continue to develop and grow.

Every effort is made in selecting candidates that encompass the culture and team-based environment of Network Doctor. This makes onboarding new team members a seamless and smooth experience for all.

Paul and Dave have created an environment that is friendly, accepting, collaborative and fun. Network Doctor is a truly a special place to work.

Ward Vogt