Leading design firm leverages Microsoft’s cloud-based virtual desktop with Citrix to maximize power and efficiency


About the client:

When it comes to innovative solutions, award-winning design and branding firm ICRAVE does it right. With two decades of experience, the firm has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Disney, MGM, and Starwood as well as with innovative start-ups, conceiving environments that engage and energize customers.





On-premise infrastructure had become an IT management challenge and was not delivering the value the firm required, especially for their 3D renderings. Their hardware (renders and V-Ray’s) used to be ramped up occasionally for big projects and for other days the machines would sit there and not be utilized to their maximum.


To support new growth objectives for the firm and control costs, Network Doctor suggested a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution.


Following a Proof of Concept that achieved the performance they required, both teams worked closely to deploy Citrix Cloud services on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform using VDI’s with high-performance GPU graphic cards. The firm moved from CapEx (capital expenditures) to OpEx (operating expenditures) which allowed them to be more nimble financially.



The ability to fluctuate computing power on demand allowed great performance and financial flexibility in Microsoft’s redundant infrastructure environment. The firm is now saving money on maintenance and running costs for rendering machines, V-Ray’s, and servers. For rendering, they now have the scalability to increase resources which provides more CPU power resulting in less time rendering.
In addition to the efficiency gains achieved by reducing rendering time, designers and engineers are also able to work more productively and access their virtual desktops from any location.

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