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What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Attacks can come from inside sources, criminals, or occasional hackers and everyone is in danger of becoming a victim. In order to protect innocent people from falling prey to these criminals, cyber insurance companies have been formed to protect the data and personal information of everyone online. 

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Cyber Insurance FAQ

A cyber risk refers to the risk of financial harm that is done to an organization and is a result of a failure or disruption of its computer systems. It may also be a risk that a company faces from the way they handle their data or rely on technology in their everyday operations.

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8 Reasons to Purchase Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is an important way to protect you and your business from cyberattacks that happen regularly across the internet. Here are 8 reasons why you should purchase cyber insurance to protect personal information and private data.

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Why Every Company Needs Cyber Insurance

Cyber liability insurance is a newly developed way to protect businesses and individuals from cybercrime. Essentially, cyber liability insurance covers the costs that have been caused by a data breach, a virus, or any other cyber attack.

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