Dark Web Scan

Peel back the layers of the onion

What you don’t know will hurt you.

A Dark Web Scan can uncover if your data is for sale, and tell you if your personal or business data may be at risk.

You may know the “Web,” a collection of accessible sites. But with this only accounting for about four percent of all pages, the rest of the internet is much less open. Then you have the “Deep Web,” the part of the internet that’s meant to be hidden—online banking, email clients, business applications—things meant to be protected by passwords.

But deep within the deep web lies another subset, the Dark Web, a vibrant marketplace where anonymity is preserved and criminality thrives. Featuring everything from drugs to white-label malware to black market organs to hitmen, the dark web’s number one product is user data.

Passwords for pennies, social security numbers for squat, company credentials for a couple bucks—data is dirt cheap. But the question you’re asking… “Is my data for sale?” Probably.

There are many ways to find out—many people just wait for a service to announce a data breach. But if you’re looking to know if your information is up for sale now or want a notification when it does, the best way to go is to utilize a Dark Web Scan.

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