HIPAA Compliance

While other fields may run into this from time to time, in the healthcare field, you know it is close to all-encompassing. As a result, your IT must include HIPAA compliance.

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HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance

While other fields may run into this from time to time, in the health care field you know it is close to all-encompassing. As a result, your IT must include dealing with compliance and that is a part of your process. Doesn’t look like that in your office? I understand. It’s not your fault. Call today to discuss HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

Risk Assessment

Compliancy Group’s HIPAA Risk Assessment module provides users with an up-to-the-minute risk rating, allowing healthcare professionals to maintain awareness of their HIPAA Compliance at all times.


We use state of the art security programs to encrypt data on your company computers. Our management software ensures that you as the owner can get access to the information even if your employees aren’t cooperative. End-to-end encrypted protection for your email correspondence.

Why is Compliance Important

It can’t go without saying that in the recent month more and more of our local businesses are getting compromised. Are you worried about cybercrime and how it could affect your business? Are you worried about the confidentiality, security, and up-time of your organization’s servers and sensitive data? Network Doctor gives you peace of mind by implementing controls and policies to minimize your risk regardless of where your business is.

Healthcare Compliance


Compliance is like going to the dentist, nobody wants to do it but ignoring your teeth will have dire consequences. HIPAAHITECH & PCI compliance is now part of the day to day vocabulary for businesses. There is no single solution that will protect your business 100% of the time.  The bad guys are trying to get in to your network and steal your confidential information thousands of times a day.  Your IT staff and infrastructure need to protect you from the thousands of attacks.  The odds are stacked against you as the bad guys must only succeed ONCE however, we have to stop them every time. Cybersecurity and Compliance measures are put in place to provide a high level of risk mitigation, like an insurance policy.  Recent studies have highlighted the increase in cyber activity.

New Types of Cyber Attacks

Phishing, Spearphishing, Worms, Bots

The unfortunate issue is that the small business does not have the limitless budget of large national companies with dedicated Information and security/compliance officers on payroll.  As we have seen companies that seemed reputable have fallen victim to attacks from foreign states.  Significant new types of attacks have surfaced in the last few months which are designed to mislead, confuse and play mind tricks on the end users. The unknowing user then falls for the attack and the bad guys will get a foothold in the company’s IT infrastructure and start stealing information.

Cost Effective Layered Approach

Due to the significant complexity and variety of small businesses there is no magic bullet that addresses all issues.  We must take a belt and suspender’s approach to ensure we are not vulnerable.  The following layered approach is one of the most cost-effective ways to secure businesses.

  1. Security Assessment – Periodic check of systems and environment to ensure everything is proper. It’s like an accounting audit for your IT systems.
  2. Spam Email Protection – Many threats enter businesses via day to day junk emails with malicious attachments. Preventing the emails from getting to the users is the best way to remove the temptation of clicking on them.
  3. Password Management – Changing passwords and having a different password for each site is key to minimizing the effects of a breach. Password Management Tools are key to simplifying this process.
  4. Updates & System Patches – Security updates and patches from vendors are designed to address security vulnerabilities as quickly as possible. Routine patching is key in protecting your network.
  5. Firewalls – Separation of the internal network from the internet is a good way to protect internal data from loss or theft. A well-managed firewall allows only necessary and required access to resources.
  6. Encryption of Devices – Encryption of data and machines prevents content from being useful in case of loss or theft. Proper encryption management is key in ensuring devices are secure.  Encryption addresses the data protection requirements for Healthcare organizations which must meet the strict guidance of HIPAA and the HITECH Act.
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication – To minimize unauthorized access to your networks, systems, and data a multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a must. MFA requires two or more authentication factors, which significantly improves the security of your network.
  8. Backups, Backups, and More Backups – Backups are perhaps the most important part of a breach and crypto locker remediation. With proper backups, the client is not held hostage to the payment of the ransom.
  9. Advanced Endpoint Security (AES) – Antivirus, Malware, and Spyware Protection are necessary but not enough.  AES is a new add-on feature that increases the effectiveness of your Antivirus Protection.
  10. On-Demand Phishing Policies – Information Security is only as good as your weakest link. Phishing is big business and attacks have shown record growth in recent years. What is the weakest link? Your employees and staff clicking on malicious email links and attachments. Our provided software solution will help educate your staff by emulating a range of phishing attacks to expose areas of weakness in your organization. We train your users, so you can protect your company.
  11. Content Filters – Preventing user access to unauthorized sites and monitoring their internet behavior is essential in protecting and minimizing wasted labor and threats to your network. Manage and prevent users from going to places they shouldn’t and wasting time on your nickel
  12. Dark Web Research – Is your information being bought and sold on the Dark Web? Have you had information leaked that could be damaging to your company, or worse, even yourself? Our services search the Dark Web for your information and report the findings as quickly as they are found. Quicker discovery prompts quicker action in remediating and protecting the information that was leaked.