How IT can help

If your back-office systems, ERP, inventory, and accounting systems are down or non-functional the impact across your entire company is significant. The loss doesn’t stop with the missed opportunity to produce more products. The amount of loss including time and wages of employees and dissatisfied customers due to missed deadlines, adds to the total cost of down systems. Having efficient & monitored IT systems and processes helps minimize downtime. Documented processes allow the scheduling of maintenance and support during times of low or minimal production. Effective change control, along with good documentation and industry best practices helps minimize downtime. A good manufacturing process is achieved by minimizing unscheduled outages. Automation and technology help make the manufacturing process less cumbersome, and more efficient. It allows the near-real-time delivery of information and insight into processes in the business. Quick visibility and seamless innovation helps push your company into the future.

Is it all about efficiency, what about security?

Proprietary manufacturing processes are key in separating successful companies from their counterparts. The protection of the information, documented processes, and intellectual property are all subject to theft and distribution. Proper protection of the network and electronic borders of a company can protect and log access to any intentional or unintentional breach of data. Good security measures require the continuous monitoring and updating of systems and solutions to protect data while staying one step ahead of the most current threats. Are you concerned about the complexity and interconnectivity between you and your business partners? Secure your communications with vendors and client companies to expedite the transfer of information and shorten the sales life-cycle.

Compliancy requirements

Increased regulation from EPAFDAOSHA, and other regulatory agencies require documentation and security of data across your organizations. This ensures that proper compliance is adhered to by your supplier all the way through the delivery of the product to your clients. Proper cyber-security measures can prevent or minimize legal costs, compliance fines and brand erosion.

Network Doctor MSP & Co-managed IT

Network Doctor provides a full set of IT services that cover everything from the end workstations, through the network, servers, into the cloud. Ongoing education of staff in the most current technologies allows our clients to benefit from state-of-the-art advances while minimizing their in-house spend on IT staff. Our clients can take advantage of outsourcing the mundane, labor-intensive maintenance of systems so that their staff can focus on important projects. Our staff can step in to assist your IT department with new projects and installs which they may have little experience. We are experts in new server technologies, cloud migrations, security and data protection. Network Doctor can provide the exact IT solutions that your company needs.