Network Doctor Featured at Automation Nation 2018


There was a time when we did some systems integration, found a solution for a partner, handled a one-time transactional cost, and went on with the business of providing our services and support. It was all about the technology we could provide access to, and tracking it in our accounting software. But things are shifting fast.

Our work isn’t just about technology anymore. Managed services added complications as support became recurring and we started to think about tracking profitability. 

Now there’s been another shift. Today, it’s about the people we’re supporting. With partner after partner, we’re seeing that a customer-first approach is the only path to success. We’re hearing partners say, “we’re in a service business that just happens to be tech-related.” Today’s customers are so savvy, they want changes on the spot and service right now, and they’re looking to us in more and more consultative ways. You need a platform that brings everything together and lets you focus on what you love. 

After a visit from Chief Product Officer of ConnectWise, Craig Fulton, Network Doctor was featured in his keynote speech at ConnectWise’s Automation Nation.

 Fulton praises our extensive documentation and goes on to say “I didn’t believe it but I watched it happen.”