Office 365

A suite of productivity-boosting apps that enable you to work securely from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Office 365 Business Apps

Tired of dealing with multiple versions of Microsoft Office applications on different computers? Want the freedom to work anywhere and collaborate with your team on just about any device?

Put the power of cloud storage to work for your business while saving time and money.

Microsoft Office 365 combines the desktop applications you already use (Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, and more), with cloud-based applications and collaboration solutions, available anytime, anywhere!

Designed for business teams with no in-house IT support, Office 365 is incredibly easy to use, providing an intuitive experience and step-by-step setup. Set specific permissions so your employees have access to just the resources they need, while you maintain complete control.

Plus, Office 365 is affordable for small businesses with flexible per-user subscription plans so you pay for just what you need, and nothing you don’t.

Why choose Network Doctor as your Office 365 provider?

To cater to the varying demands of each business, Office 365 comes in several monthly plans with even more add-on options. Network Doctor can help you choose the best package for your distinct needs, size, industry, and budget. Our vast experience and expertise in Office 365 migration ensure that we do everything right the first time, leaving no room for errors or downtime.

Our Office 365 subscription packages are available for as low as $5/user/month.

We also provide non-profit pricing for qualified 501(c)3 organizations.

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