About SNC Squared

In 1998 John Motazedi was approached by a few physicians to assist them in the early preparations for the Y2K.

The systems and actions required to manage, secure, and update day-to-day Line of Business (LoB) applications were the foundation of what is referred to as Process-Driven IT or Managed Services. It was obvious from the beginning that traditional methods used in change management of resources software, hardware and particularly, application updates, were not effective.

Early Days – Pre SNC Squared

In the new age of technology and the ever-increasing number of computers, it became evident that the typical IT expert would not have enough hours to manage all the systems and keep everything current. Furthermore, the birth and rapid expansion of the world-wide web (WWW) simplified the distribution of patches and application updates required to keep everything current. While the WWW was a lifesaving tool it also introduced security and technical issues that had never been thought of before the turn of the century. We were working in a new environment where the speed of traditional IT support could no longer keep up with the fast-changing environment of technology. Large enterprises with their seemingly unlimited budget could adopt software and significant staff budgets to help with this process but to the small business this was out of reach.

Realizing that, John Motazedi (founder of SNC Squared) started utilizing freeware with some creative programming to develop code that would aid in the remote control and management of all workstations at an office. John could connect to 16 machines simultaneously allowing him to expedite installation of software, and patches application updates on a machine remotely. In 2001 this process was quite revolutionary and laid the foundations for the future of Managed Services Processes (MSP).

The Business is Launched

As time progressed more and more offices began inquiring about support and before John knew it the foundations of a new business were developing. “I remember sitting at the kitchen table talking to my wife saying I should probably start a business and see if I can make a go of it” said John Motazedi. Merely 6 months later John quit his Network Operations and system support job at the local hospital and started his IT support business in the basement of his house. He said, “I just really wanted a job and was tired of working the 8-5 gig”. John seem to get busier and busier as he got more and more clients. He would spend his days meeting with clients and doing technical support work. At night he would enter tickets and update notes for each. He would also coordinate projects and after hour support to keep clients up to date. He soon realized his 9-5 job had turned into 18-hour days. I just had to get some help I was running my self to the ground. John hired his first of many employees merely 4 months after he started SNC Squared. I now had some time to breath; I would fill up the schedule first thing in the morning and my tech would get to work. Meanwhile, I would put quotes together, take calls, do dispatch, and assist as I could. Support request never slowed down and before he knew it employee number 3,4 and 5 were on board. He recalls talking to a nurse, when she said I think I’m ready for a change and would like to get out of nursing. “You need to hire me as I would be really good for your business” said Amy Earp. Amy was hired and now serves as the integrator and the general manager of SNC Squared. “I think there was some divine intervention at hand here, people end up in your life and you don’t know why until years later.” said John.

The Transition to a Real Business

2006 through 2010 were the building blocks for SNC Squared. The number of clients grew along with their expertise in the medical field software. EHR (Electronic Health Records) was the new buzz word and managing and supporting it was a science. Many times we were approached to sell a specific software or only support a few key applications. We believed our commitment was to provide fanatical support, unbiased opinions and provide best in class technology regardless of the vendor. We consider ourselves on the same team as our partners (clients). Our word, our integrity is everything, so we treat them the way we want to be treated. SNC Squared was still a startup as technicians and staff were working from their home using cell phones and email as primary means of support. It was becoming more evident that a change was due and consolidation of resources in one location was key. SNC Squared was growing up and we needed a new place to call home. In 2010 we moved in to our first leased space. The move was much needed, moving from the basement to an 1800 SQFT facility on the second floor of a Dr.’s office provided adequate space for our staff to sit and collaborate together. We now could get a server room and start centralizing support, dispatch, sales, marketing and technical services.

Change Happens Regardless

The move to the new offices went well. SNC Squared was able to standardize documentation and become more consistent in their day-to-day operations. There were processes in place to check backups, patches and firewalls. “We could tell what was happening to over 900 machines each day”, said John. Automation was the key as our tools became more sophisticated so did our visibility into our client’s environment. We knew which ones got patched, which backups failed and what the firewalls were saying every minute of the day. SNC Squared built a NOC, put in a help desk, ticketing system, a system automation utility and a state-of-the-art backup system.

The Dreaded Day

Just when you think everything is going well God throws you a curve ball. Sunday May 22, 2011 started like any other day. There were expectations of rain mid-afternoon which was not unusual for that time of year. Shortly after 5:00 pm one of the most devastating EF 5 tornados every recorded destroyed 1/3 of the city in a matter of minutes. The human and financial loss was incredible. The tornado destroyed one of the primary hospitals along with many of the physician offices surrounding it. Our office was also destroyed in its proximity to the hospital. At its peak the tornado was a one-mile wide corridor of destruction that left very few things standing. Along with the primary medical facilities many of the Joplin schools and churches were also destroyed. In a matter of 17 minutes the only things remaining was a pile of debris and SNC Squared lost half of its client’s offices that day. In other words, 470 out of the 900 machines we were managing on a day-to-day basis no longer existed. We had very simple goals that Sunday night; help and support the community in finding the victims of the tornado. The following morning, we had a quick huddle and strategized what our goals would be and came up with the best game plan. We reached out to some of our business partners, marketing organizations and vendors to help with the recovery of SNC Squared and ultimately the city. Since our offices were completely devastated we moved back to the basement and continued delivering services from there. We were blessed as none of our employees were injured and furthermore all of our clients were back up and running by Thursday.

Rebuilding from Scratch

The tornado was a devastating blow to the community as well as SNC Squared. Throughout the entire time we upheld to the core values of the company. SNC Squared continued supporting clients that were hit by the tornado while also providing regular services to those that weren’t. It was as if there were two different companies with two different objectives. The systemization and standardization of all internal processes were some of the key driving forces behind the recovery. Working effectively from the basement and then from a small leased space was becoming a daily challenge. The dream of moving in to a bigger and better place was realized when we rebuilt our offices back in the same location and moved in in August 2012. SNC Squared started their expansion by increasing the number of staff and providing additional services to healthcare and manufacturing facilities. We had weathered the storm and were in a new office with a bright future.


The vision of SNC Squared continues today, many years after its inception. Core Values such as being on the same team, providing the right solutions, integrity and fun continue to pave the way for success. Our success is based on the relationship with the community and the belief that serving others will ultimately benefit all. Today, SNC Squared is a company of I.T. experts who pride themselves on offering cutting-edge services to businesses throughout the four-states area.

“We not only ensure that your computer networks and systems are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, but we also aim to provide comprehensive responsive and reliable services to our customers at all times by building a close working relationship, and learning all the ins and outs of your company and its I.T. needs.”

We will be the I.T. partner that delivers the right solutions.


By the 2020’s it was obvious that continued growth in such changing times would be challenging.  From the hazards of Covid-19 and the increase attacks by cyber criminals a new plan was needed.  Finally, we had to put a plan in place to provide jobs and services for our employees and clients regardless of what happens to the owners of the business.  From those discussion our Legacy plan emerged.  Merging of resources with another company that is Geo-located in a different state would help with staffing, redundancy, and technical resources.  Furthermore, the combined entity would have a better buying power and handle the changes in the economy.  John reached out to some of the companies and members of their partner peer groups.  These are individuals and business we know and have known for many years. They have similar values, similar playbook and similar culture. Soon after the search a serious discussion with Network Doctor LLC started.  After a lengthy dialogue we joined forces with them in December 2021. We now have a significantly larger footprint and can provide services nationwide.  Network Doctor was able to benefit from our expertise in healthcare services while we were able to leverage their cloud, manufacturing, and corporate IT services.  Merging of the two companies fits in to Network Doctor’s strategy of growth by acquisition while maintaining the person customer and staff relationships.  The combination of the two opens us to new geographies, resources and ultimately better support and faster response for our mutual clients.  In an interview John said, “This is a win, win, win strategy”, Network Doctor, SNC Squared and our client all benefit.

Success is based on the relationship with the community and the belief that serving others will ultimately benefit all. Continuing our core values and remembering our roots will ensure that we remain successful for decades to come.


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