Network Doctor is a company that greatly emphasizes a team-oriented culture. Team culture is consistently present from management all the way down the chain. It’s refreshing to see employers and employees caring for and supporting one another. What I enjoy most about Network Doctor are the relationships I have with my coworkers. I’ve become friends with many of them outside of work. We encourage each other, at times struggle with each other, and oftentimes, laugh with each other. Working with friends is what makes my job so enjoyable. My immediate team is amazing, and I wouldn’t choose any other group of guys to work with. Not only is my immediate team amazing, but so are the surrounding teams. I’d like to think of Network Doctor as a thriving ecosystem. The different teams and individuals represent different organisms that balance and help each other grow. Every member has different strengths that benefit the company as a whole; making work fun and efficient. Network Doctor has leaders at all levels who demonstrate adaptability and resilience to help the ecosystem flourish and balance itself in times of turbulence.