Network Doctor Joins Forces with SNC Squared

Deal is crucial next step in unique expansion strategy

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, December 1, 2021. Network Doctor, one of New York’s largest and most innovative Managed Services Providers has joined forces with SNC Squared, a leading Managed Services Provider in Joplin, Missouri. The official announcement was made at NDR’s headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey today. Talks began in May 2021. The investment, which closed on December 1st, is being funded by Mizzen Capital.

“We are thrilled that SNC Squared is joining us on our journey to build a large best-in-class MSP that keeps the individualized touch,” said Paul Hilbert, a partner at Network Doctor. “This business is personal for both companies – We each value the great relationships we have with our customers and staff and keeping those relationships is part of our central vision for growth.” “We’re elated to have found a like-minded partner that really understands the importance of the client relationship,” added David Birk, also a partner at Network Doctor. “Commoditization has no home here.”

The acquisition of SNC Squared fits into Network Doctor’s strategy of growth by acquisition while maintaining the personal customer and staff relationships it is known for. By investing in SNC Squared, Network Doctor gains access to smart and talented staff, a new geographic market, expertise in the compliance and medical sectors, and most importantly, a partner known for positive relationship building as well.

“We can now leverage elevated operational maturity which will further enhance our customer relationships,” said John Motazedi, CEO of SNC Squared. “We’re excited by the chance to apply our expertise nationwide with Network Doctor.”


About Network Doctor

Network Doctor is an all-in-one IT consulting, management, and support specialist. What sets Network Doctor apart is the relationships we build. We firmly believe a relationship built on reciprocal trust ensures mutual success. Where other managed service providers focus on just the technology, our people-first approach ensures that the top-notch technology and services we provide truly elevate the businesses and people we work with. Network Doctor was founded by David Birk and Paul Hilbert in 2003.



About Mizzen Capital

Mizzen Capital is a New York-based, women-owned, credit fund providing loans to U.S.- based, lower-middle-market businesses primarily in manufacturing, business and healthcare services, IT and software, and alternative energy that is socially responsible and sustainable. Mizzen invests in both sponsored and owner-managed companies for working capital, growth, recapitalization, and acquisitions. Further information is available at



About SNC2

SNC Squared is a company of I.T. experts who pride themselves on offering cutting-edge services to businesses throughout the four-state area. Founded in 1998 in Joplin, MO by John Motazedi, SNC Squared not only ensures that your computer networks and systems are running as smoothly and efficiently as possible but also provides comprehensive, responsive, and reliable services by building a close working relationship with customers.