Getting our offices setup seemed like a daunting task, but once we could see that Network Doctor was one of the leading outsourced service providers in the metropolitan area things became a no brainer. They also set up our servers, PCs, internet service and trained our administrative staff. Network Doctor is one of our most valued partners."

Sholom Jacobs
Poal Capital Partners

We've raised the bar...

Expect more from your IT managed services partner

ComputerAs a relationship-focused managed services partner, we go beyond the typical offerings of standard IT service providers. Not only do we focus on maximizing your company’s efficiency by solving your IT challenges, but we’ve invested in premium tools to improve your IT experience, including:

  • Customized, real-time reporting tools
  • User-friendly ticket-tracking app
  • Web access to all your technology assets
  • Updated antivirus for desktops and servers
  • Email and web security
  • Email backup technology
  • A knowledge base filled with up-to-date how-to guides
  • 24/7 support

These aren’t additional luxuries reserved for premium level agreements — they are standard offerings included in all our service agreements. Plus, as trends change and new needs arise, we’re always adding new tools to our IT support arsenal.

Everything we do is targeted to maximize network accessibility, reduce downtime and minimize the amount of time spent reacting to disruptions. By focusing on proactive measures to prevent future IT challenges, and providing clients with the applications, resources and tools most relevant to their needs, we’re setting a new standard in managed services.

We expect our clients to expect more.

We'll maximize your technology success with customized solutions in the following eight areas:


"Resolution time. Speed. Thoroughness. These aren't just buzzwords we just throw around – they are the pillars of our support process."

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