Are Your Ready for Co-Managed Services?

Do you have one IT guy who:

♦ Is always swamped with daily tickets and emergencies?

♦ Never has enough time to get all IT tasks completed?

♦ Is so overwhelmed with daily tasks that there is no time for other IT projects?

♦ Can’t take a vacation or sick time because no one can replace them?

♦ Thinks new tech is constantly just out of reach?

… or maybe you have an IT Team that …

♦ Doesn’t have the expertise or time to work on specific IT projects?

♦ Has a backlog of untouched and unresolved IT issues?

♦ Has to focus on applications, not infrastructure or projects?

♦ Your IT department is overwhelmed but you can’t afford another employee?

♦ You want automation, but the tools you need are expensive and complex?

If you can relate to any of these, you are ready for our co-managed services.  
It isn’t an either/or decision. You can get the best of both worlds.

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◽Lighten Your Team’s Workload
Get Strategic Guidance
Increase Productivity & Efficiency
Implement Proven Best Practices
Proactively Monitor
Eliminate Vulnerabilities

What could your team accomplish with strategic guidance?

Let’s work together to discover a plan that is right for your company.

Network Doctor has a bridge for the gap between your

IT department’s limits and the need for more services.


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Don't Take Our Word For It


With help from Network Doctor Team we were able to implement various technological improvements in our infrastructure and increase security which was our main goal over past 4 years. We appreciate the recognition of "sense of urgency" when it comes to day to day IT challenges. Main point for us was to be able to explain sense of urgency we were going through and they did a great job realizing that which make our experience with them great!

Marko Dekovic
Marko Dekovic C. A. C. Industries • Construction

I’d like to take the time to thank all the staff at Network Doctor in helping my organization snuff out that daily menace of SPAM. When I came on board with my present company we were getting at least 200 spam emails daily for each mailbox and we had at that time 100 mailboxes. This was a complete nightmare. Our clients were afraid to use email and open an offensive advertisement or just ludicrous sales pitches. Our email server was getting hit so hard with spam that disk space was being used faster than we can delete it… As soon as we started using Postini, SPAM immediately stopped. My clients were able to work productively and utilize email as a tool and not fear what the next email may bring. In addition to SPAM filtering, Positini has Antivirus protection. My thanks to the staff at Network Doctor who helped us attack SPAM and eliminated it quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Tony Napoli
Tony Napoli Director of IT • Milstein Properties • Real Estate

They are the perfect partner because they understand my vision and they're not trying to shove something down my throat. They want to make something work for me. It's never 'here's what I'm selling, do you want to buy it or not?

Dan Dorato
Dan Dorato Chief Technology Officer • Vector Media • Digital Agency

I wanted to give a shoutout to your staff for being prompt, responsive, and efficient in resolving some time-sensitive items that have come up for HR&A in the last couple of weeks.

It feels good to work with professionals that know what they’re doing and got your back.

Thank you!

Golriz Vazirabadi Information Technology Manager • HR&A Advisors • Real Estate and Economic Development