Is Your Internal IT Team Backing Up Your Microsoft 365 Data?

Is your business using Microsoft 365? If so, you’re one of 200 million monthly active users leveraging the productivity, collaboration, and security tools within the cloud suite. But how are these platforms being managed within your organization? And who’s backing up all that data? Many people assume platforms like Microsoft 365 provide automatic backups – but this isn’t the case. The best way to ensure your data is safe is through additional backup and recovery planning. Network Doctor backup solution for Microsoft 365 provides an all-in-one backup, restore, and expert solution that covers Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams.

Why You Need Additional Backups for Microsoft 365:

Common SaaS Data Backup Misconceptions

Microsoft advises using a third-party backup solution to protect against deletion, app outages, human error, ransomware attacks, and complications from inactive licenses. 1-in-3 companies reported losing data stored in cloud-based applications and 60% of small firms that experience a major data loss incident close within six months. Why are the figures so high? Many businesses operate under false assumptions when it comes to SaaS platforms.

Here are some of the most common:

  • File Sync is a Replacement for Backup

    • Though Microsoft OneDrive creates a second copy of files and folders, they should not be used as a replacement for a backup. File syncing services fall short of true SaaS backup solutions because:
      • If a file is deleted, all older versions are deleted as well
      • Large restores are time-consuming and a largely manual process
      • Backup and recovery is left in the hands of your company’s end-users
  • SaaS Applications are Always Available

    • Unfortunately, outages do occur. When businesses can’t access important business data, revenue and productivity are negatively impacted. Having independent backups will ensure that you will still have access to essential files when an outage occurs.
  • Microsoft IS Responsible for Your Backup

    • SaaS providers don’t take responsibility for restoring data if you lose it. Microsoft calls this the Shared Responsibility Model for data protection, which is why Microsoft recommends a third-party SaaS backup in its user agreement.


How Network Doctor Covers Your Microsoft 365 Data

Loss of data and time are the two major issues when recovering Microsoft content. If an employee accidentally deletes a critical document, Microsoft will not be able to recover it. Even though the files are within the retention period, getting them back can be costly and more time-consuming than you may think. An independent backup is required to give you the ease of mind that your data is constantly being backed up. Network Doctor backup solution covers:

  • OneDrive – All files and folders with file structure intact
  • Contacts – All contacts (excluding photos)
  • Calendar – Events, attachments, and any calendars owned by users
  • Mail – All emails, attachments, notes, and folder structure
  • Microsoft Teams – Files, conversations, and calendar meetings in the Microsoft Teams public channels
  • SharePoint –
    • Folder structure
    • Document libraries and sets
    • Primary, custom, group, and team site collections
    • Custom generic site lists, site assets, templates, and pages

If you experience a ransomware attack within your business and you don’t have a backup solution, you may not be able to recover your content. This could lead to losing valuable business data, but also a large sum of money to cyber criminals with no guarantee that they will give you back your data.

Though Microsoft 365 makes collaboration easier, protection and management are still a major challenge. Recovering important files is extremely costly and can often take much more time than your business can afford. Whether you’re losing time or data, the impact will still be significant. Having a secure solution in place can help prevent this. Having an additional backup solution can help protect your business and all of its data. If you want to know more on how it will benefit your business go contact us or sign up for a free consultation.