A lot goes into supporting and maintaining a business's IT assets and team. Oversight of network infrastructure and support should not be a guessing game – the data should be at your fingertips.  

What kind of support issues does my team deal with most frequently and who could use training?  

How many hours of support do we require a month and who uses the most? 

How many workstations do we own and who was the last person to log in?  

Where are all my firewalls and switches located and are they all still under warranty?  

 We provide each client with a custom dashboard and monthly reporting (see below) that gives them optics into their support requirements and IT assets. Live information available includes: 
  • network availability and performance stats 
  • application performance metrics 
  • tickets by volume, types, and status 
  • Average response time for requests 
  • Workstations and servers data 
  • Customer satisfaction scores

At Network Doctor we believe transparency is paramount. 

Client access to vital data points ensures they are kept in the know.