How important is computer and cyber security? Let’s take a look at some facts to put it in perspective.

Did you know that, according to a 2014 National Small Business Association Report, 44% of US small businesses were the victim of a cyber-attack, with each attack costing the business on average $9,000?

Did you know that the National Cybersecurity Alliance’s recently reported 59% of small and midsize businesses do not have a contingency plan that outlines procedures for responding to and reporting data breaches?

Did you know that 77% of small firms believe their company is SAFE from a cyber-attack even though 83% of those firms don’t have a written security policy, according to the National Cybersecurity Alliance?

Did you know that an overwhelming number of people don’t consider that a large company can absorb the costs of a cyber-incident while those costs may suffocate a midsize or small business? What is a pain and annoyance to large companies is catastrophic to smaller organizations.

Oftentimes, we forget the type of threats we all most commonly face. If you don’t have a security plan and a disaster recovery plan, today’s a great day to start. Consider every scenario. You’ll remember details that need to happen and would be totally forgotten in the middle of a crisis.


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