The age of social media has let millions of people reconnect and stay up-to-date with family members, friends, ex-in-laws and acquaintances. It also continues to shape how we all communicate with each other. It’s important to keep a few things in mind before you check your newsfeed.

There is no delete button on the Internet. Everyone knows how to capture a screenshot. Even if you keep your social media completely private, when relationships change, nothing is private. Are you going to be comfortable in 10 years with what you post today? It will be archived forever.

If you post in online forums or on message boards, or comment on news-related websites, consider using a pseudonym. Don’t share names of real businesses, clients, friends or family. If a bank manager wouldn’t allow a picture of all of the money in the vault to be shared on the Internet, you shouldn’t ever allow a picture containing any confidential, financial, legal or other protected documents and items to be shared either.

A good social media policy in the office now can save headaches down the road.


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